Magic Affirmations
Positive Thinking, with the assistance of your computer

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You install Magic Affirmations by starting the setup program. Select the language. The program itself is available in German and English, however, the affirmation texts can be entered in any language. Follow the directions of the installation program. Language

Automatically starting the program after installation

During the installation process, you can select whether Magic Affirmations automatically starts at system start-up. Select the option 'Autostart' for this. Since Windows has quite a few things to do during start-up, it takes a few seconds until the first background image appears.


Program start

If Magic Affirmations does not start automatically, you can of course also start it by double-clicking on the program icon.


You can see that the program is running by the small orange icon in the lower right area of the taskbar. Taskbar


Right-click on the icon to display the menu. Menu
Next text Goes to the next affirmation on the list.
Previous text Goes to the previous affirmation on the list.
Halt The wallpapers stop changing. The current one remains visible. By clicking on the icon, the program continues (or is suspended -> see settings).
Suspend Displaying texts and changing wallpapers is completely suspended. The default wallpaper is displayed. The icon changes its color to blue so you can see that the program does not do anything at the moment. When you click on the blue icon, the program continues.
About/License... Starts the license window where you can see when the demo license expires. This is where you enter the license key you purchased in order to activate the program.
Settings... Via the settings window you can define how the affirmations are displayed (see below).
Texts... You enter your affirmations in the text window (see below).
Quit program The program is terminated.

Settings (please click on the image)


Texts (please click on the image)


Separate window

If you click on the option 'Separate window' in the settings window, the text will be displayed in an extra window for a certain time. This window can be controlled with the mouse as follows:


Icon functions

An orange icon means the program is running (or possibly stopped - not shut down). Clicking on the icon changes the display to the next text or shuts down the program, depending on the configuration in the settings:

Part of the config dialog
Active Icon
The blue icon means the program is shut down. Clicking on the icon starts the program back up. Inactive Icon

That's it, now you know all the functions and how to operate the program. Just give it a try. You can't go wrong. Have fun.