Magic Affirmations
Positive Thinking, with the assistance of your computer

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  • In which languages is Magic Affirmations available and which languages can be used?

    The program itself is available in German and English. The affirmations can be entered in any language. Special characters not available on the keyboard can be entered in the text window via [Alt]+code (turn on NumLock, hold [Alt], enter the four-digit code on the numpad), for example [Alt]+0064 for '@'. ⇒ Code table (PDF).

  • Can affirmations also be displayed very briefly in the separate window in order to affect the subconscious mind subliminally?

    No, the display time is calculated dynamically and usually lasts a few seconds. It may be possible that subliminal affirmations work via language or pictures. However, I am convinced that this does not work with text. Reading text is a function of the conscious mind. If the brain has no time to really read the text, it is nothing more than an accumulation of signs without meaning. Only conscious reading lets the mind recognize the sense of a sentence. For this reason I did not incorporate this function into the software.