Magic Affirmations
Positive Thinking, with the assistance of your computer
Magic Affirmations - The 'Positive Thinking' Software

Use your computer in order to motivate yourself and keep reminding yourself of a positive way of thinking!

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Magic Affirmations - The Positive Affirmations Software

Magic Affirmations is novel software that lets background images with your personal affirmations appear magically on the screen at regular intervals without disturbing your work. Affirmations are positively phrased sentences that, through frequent repetition, influence the subconscious mind in a positive direction. During this process, negative thoughts are gradually being replaced by new, constructive thought patterns. Let your affirmations work their magic, simply while you work on your computer.

Magic Affirmations can also display the sentences phrased by you in a separate window. This window slowly appears on top of all other windows, remains there for a few seconds, and then disappears again automatically. This way, you are reminded again and again of your affirmations while working on the computer.

Use your computer in order to motivate yourself, reach your goals, and keep reminding yourself of a constructive way of thinking - in order to develop your personality.

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You enter your list of positive affirmations. You decide how the affirmations are to be displayed. From your texts, the program regularly creates background images and/or a separate window that is displayed for a few seconds on top of the other program windows.
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This software is a tool that supports the development of your personality. You have to contribute the appropriate affirmations yourself. If you have not already spent some time on this topic, I recommend that you search, for example, on Google for 'affirmations' or read a few books dealing with it. You can find some titles in the book list. Once you have spent some time on this subject, you will automatically find positive sentences that are perfect for you.

Affirmations help you to become more calm, be more outgoing, observe life from a more positive point of view, develop more inner strength and emotional stability, and much more.

Curious? Just download the demo version and try it for 20 days. The program installs in just a few seconds. If you don't like the program, you can uninstall it quickly and easily at any time.
If you like the demo version, you can buy a license for only
29 USD / 23 EUR (+ VAT) and keep using the software.